About Us


The Church of The Nations aspires to reach out to all of God’s people regardless of race, creed or color.  The Church Of Nations is a non-denominational church established in January 2008. 

Rev. Daniel Song and Rev. John Kwon currently conduct church service at The First Native Baptist Church, 802 E. 3rd Avenue, Anchorage, AK  99501. Additionally, Rev. Daniel and Rev. John are endorsed and supported by SEED International Mission.

In another part of the nation, Los Angeles, California, Pastor John Kwon and his wife Yulie were searching for where God needed them to be.  They were led to Anchorage, Alaska and joined Pastor Daniel, November 2009.

The first worship service was held on January 2008. We began our ministry work in Anchorage holding a church service at All Saints Episcopal Church, 545 W. 8th Avenue, but quickly found out there was a need to serve the poor and needy around the downtown area between 3rd Avenue and Brother Francis Shelter.

As a result, in 2009 we were able secure a rental agreement with the First Native Baptist Church on 802 E.  3rd Avenue.  We began serving the poor and needing through our Sunday afternoon worship services.

Our church attendance initially began with approximately 20 parishioners and we are now close to capacity.  Our congregation has grown to over 100 parishioners and continues to increase on a monthly basis. Many who came to hear God’s word are people in need of food, shelter and clothing. 

We established our Outreach Mission which serves hot meals after the conclusion of our church service on Sunday’s.  We also distribute both new and gently used clothing, shoes and provide haircuts at no cost to individuals.  We strive to address the problem of the poor and needy, working poor and homeless, but more importantly teach them the word of God, the Good News of salvation through Christ Jesus!

Throughout the years, more churches, organizations and individuals are joining our efforts both in and out Alaska.  Our local partners are:  All Saints Episcopal, Rabbit Creek Community Church, Anchorage Free Methodist Church and Alaska Korean Christian Reformed Church. Our supporters from outside Alaska are:  Antioch Presbyterian Church, Grace Church, Bethel Church and Bangju Church, DTS Program at Washington Presbyterian Church & Inid Grace Church.

We welcome you to partner with us in addressing solutions to the problem in our community with the our brothers and sisters who are poor and needy, the working poor and those in need of shelter.