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The Last Day of our Lives

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-12-28)

Why Christmas?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-21)

A True Worshipper

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-14)

Colossians 2:1-5

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-07)

Give Back To God

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-11-30)

Have Faith in God

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-11-16)

Seven Wrong Spirits in Our Life

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-11-09)

We Need to Walk with Him

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-11-02)

The Value of Hope

  Dr. Mark Goodman - (2014-10-26)

  Rabbit Creek Community Church

The Former and the Latter Rain

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-19)

Zechariah 4:1-10

The Gold Lampstand and Two Olive Trees

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-12)

The Name of Jesus

The Purpose, Perspective, and Power

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-05)

Prayer With Faith

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-09-28)

Enter the Narrow Way

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-09-21)

Jesus Controls All the Kingdoms

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-09-14)

The True Spiritual Watchman Of Mission

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-09-07)

Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-08-31)

Life through the Holy Spirit

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-08-17)

Bethel Church, Baltimore

  Pastor Moses Lee - (2014-08-10)

Path To Spiritual Insights

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-08-03)

Follow Me

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-07-27)

Let My People Go

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-07-20)

Don't Be Afraid

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-07-06)

Understand Resurrection Power

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-29)

Seven Keys to Breakthrough

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-22)

The Good Shepherd

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-06-08)

Are you Ready For This?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-01)

Knoxville Loving Church

  Pastor Chung - (2014-05-25)

True Fasting

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-18)

A Certain Woman

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-11)

The Narrow Door

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-04)

Rabbit Creek Community Church

  Pastor Dr. Mark Goodman - (2014-04-27)

Anchorage Free Methodist Church

  Pastors Bill and Stacy Stone -(2014-04-20)

Occupy till I come back

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-04-13)

The Rock was Christ

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-04-06)

Your Will be done!

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-03-30)

Who is the Greatest?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-23)

A Broken Spirit

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-16)

Send Forth Your Word

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-09)

Strong Spiritual Warrior

 Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-02)

Gentleness, Self-Control

 Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-02-23)

2014-02-09 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-26 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-19 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-12 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-05 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-12-29 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-12-22 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-08-18 Pastor Joon Lee

2013-08-04 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-28 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-21 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-14 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-06-30 Pastor John Kwon

2013-06-16 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-06-09 Pastor Daniel Song

Koyuk Missions 2013

2013-06-02 Pastor Bob Curtis

2013-05-26 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-05-19 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-05-12 ChaplinWilliams

2013-05-05 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-04-28 Pastor Mark

2013-04-14 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-04-07 Pastor Paul Kwon

2013-03-31 Pastor John Kwon

2013-03-31 Easter Sunday

2013-03-24 Abraham George

Special Music/Ministry:

I Claim the Blessing of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

The Lord's Prayer  Yulie Kwon

I desire your love Lord  Terrel Lynch

Mary did you know?  Cynthia Washington, Davina Stallworth

Christmas Medley  Yulie Kwon

Aleluia  New Season Dance Team

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  Misoon Jackson

Jesus Reigns over All  Yulie Kwon

His Eyes are on You  Terrel Lynch

Anna Kwon Baptism  Pastor Paul Kwon

There is None Like You  Pastor Jung

When the Role  Yulie Kwon

Amazing Grace  Elder Lee, ODPC

Increase Our Territory  Terrel Lynch

True Love  Yulie Kwon

Sing Alleluia to the Lord  Yulie Kwon

Our Spirits Are Thine  Yulie Kwon

Drunk in the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Special Music (10/26)  Yulie Kwon

Medley (10/19)  Yulie Kwon

Father You are My Portion  Yulie Kwon

His Name Is Wonderful  Yulie Kwon

Put Your Hands Up  Terrel Lynch

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

He Hideth My Soul  Yulie Kwon

Bangju Church, Seoul, Korea (2014-08-31)

1. Worship

  Worship (19:26 minutes)

2. This is My Father's World

  Yulie Kwon (1:55)

3. Brief History and Mission of Bangju Church

  Pastor Daniel Song (6:55)

4. Introduction of Mission Team

  Bangju Church Mission Team (5:08)

5. Korean Pop Worship Dances

  Bangju Church Mission Team (9:04)

6. Traditional Worship with Komungo and Flute

  Bangju Church Mission Team (5:29)

7. Traditional Dance Worship

  Bangju Church Mission Team (8:04)

8. Bangju Church Departing Song

  Bangju Church Mission Team (2:19)

9. Closing and Benediction

  Pastor Daniel Song (2:52)

10. After Service Songs

  Bangju Church Mission Team (22:24)

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

Mission Team  Bethel Church, Baltimore

People Need the Lord  Yulie Kwon

To Be Pleasing You Jesus  Yulie Kwon

Preach The Gospel  Terrel Lynch

I'd Rather have Jesus  Yulie Kwon

I Receive Power  Terrel Lynch

Be Thou My Vision  Yulie Kwon

In His Time  Joshua Song

God is so Good  Joshua Song

This is the Day  Caleb Song

Jesus is the Way  Terrel Lynch

Amazing Grace  John & Yulie Kwon

How Great A Love  Yulie Kwon

Gospel Mime  Knoxville Loving Church

How Great Thou Art  Dr. Shin

Medley 2014-05-25  Yulie Kwon

Time for a Breakthrough  Terrel Lynch

2014-05-18  Yulie Kwon

Gangsters of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Washington DC DTS Team

This is My Father's World  Yulie Kwon

For Mother's Day  Terrel Lynch

God Will Take Care of You  Yulie Kwon

Pour Your Love  Terrel Lynch

This Is My Story  Yulie Kwon

Change My Heart  Terrel Lynch

2014-04-06  Yulie Kwon

2014-03-30  Yulie Kwon

This Chain  Terrel Lynch

Grow  Terrel Lynch

Favor  Terrel Lynch

You Raise Me Up  Yulie Kwon


Draw Me Nearer  Yulie Kwon

Thou Art Worthy  Yulie Kwon

2014-02-23 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-16 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-09 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-02 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-26 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-19 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-12 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-12 Davina Stallworth

2014-01-05 Yulie Kwon

2013-12-29 Yulie Kwon

2013-12-29 Terrel Lynch

2013-12-22 Mixed quartet

2013-12-22 Lady Soloist

2013-12-22 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-18 Mission Team

2013-08-18 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-11 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-04 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-28 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-21 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-14 Yulie Kwon

2013-06-30 Song Family

2013-06-23 Caleb Song

2013-06-09 Yulie Kwon

2013-05-26 Yulie Kwon

2013-04-14 MAC5