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Cleanse Me

  Pastor Mark Goodman, (2018-12-30)

The Lord's Prayer Series

1 Lord! Teach us How to Pray!

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-10-28)

2 Our Father in Heaven hallowed be Your Name

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-11-04)

3 Your kingdom come, Your will be done

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-11-11)

4 Our Daily Bread

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-11-18)

5 Forgiven and Forgiving

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-12-02)

6 Temptation & Deliverance

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-12-16)

7 Forever Victorious

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-12-23)

The Reason for the Season

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-12-09)

Four things we have to be thankful to God in all circumstances

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-11-25)

Do you understand Agape Love?

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-10-21)

The Mission of Jesus

  "Building Up His Disciples"

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-10-14)

The Purpose of writing the Gospel of John

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-10-07)

Alaska Native Missions Trip

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-09-30)

Doubt turns into Faith

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-09-23)

The Power of Jesus' Resurrection

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-09-16)

At the Cross

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-09-09)

Christ's Glory Given to His People

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-08-26)

Three important intercessions of Jesus

  (The Power of Prayers)

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-08-19)

Who can be saved?

  “Your faith has healed {Sode-zo} you”

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-08-12)

The One That Never Leaves The One Behind

  Pastor Billy Kim (Cerritos CA), (2018-07-22)

The Blessing of the one who loves Jesus

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-07-15)

Bearing fruit in Jesus Christ

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-07-08)

Who is Jesus Christ to you?

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-07-01)

What does it mean to honor Jesus?

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-06-24)

I am a child of God

  Pastor John Kwon, Bethel Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD (2018-06-17)

The Word of God does not change

  Pastor Daniel Song, (2018-06-10)

Power of Prayer

  Pastor Chung, Korean Sarang Church Knoxville (2018-06-03)

Why did Jesus emphasize the Holy Spirit?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-05-27)

Be One in Christ!

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-05-20)

Are you a special friend of Jesus Christ?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-05-13)

The Understanding Between the Good Shepherd and the Sheep

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-05-06)

Evidence of Jesus's disciples

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-04-29)

Wisdom of Jesus

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-04-22)

Giving and Receiving

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-04-15)

The House of Mercy

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-04-08)

Hope for the Resurrection of the Saints

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-04-01)

Jesus Cleanses the Temple Court

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-03-18)

Are you a born again person?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-03-11)

True Transformation begins with Obedience

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-03-04)

How Much am I Worth?

  Chaplain Charlie Lee (2018-02-25)

What is the Role of The Mediator?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-02-18)

What does it mean to have a Christian Identity?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-02-11)

What is the best Compliment from the Lord?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-02-04)

The Lord is measuring your Faith

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-01-28)

Experience the Almighty God

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-01-21)

Take the example of the Antioch Church

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-01-14)

How do our lives change when we meet God?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2018-01-07)

Jesus Christ's reproach and influence on the Church of Laodicea

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-12-31)

What was the ultimate purpose of Jesus' coming to earth?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-12-24)

How Can We Wait for the Second Coming of Jesus?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-12-17)

The Bride of Jesus Christ, The Church

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-12-10)

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-11-26)

Spirit Compelling, You can win the Test

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-11-19)

Worship from a Broken Heart

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-11-12)

God Never Lies

  Christina Kim (Young S)

  Missionary Tanzania (2017-11-05)

The Christian Life, Justification and Sanctification

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-10-29)

How can we (sinners) become Righteous in Christ?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-10-22)

The Passion of Jesus For Humanity

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-10-15)

God's People are Comforted

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-10-08)

The Victory of Ebenezer

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-10-01)

Jesus Christ is Our City of Refuge

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-09-24)

Why Should We Thirst for God?

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-09-17)

Forget About the Past, Look Forward

  Pastor Daniel Song (2017-09-10)

TCOTN Building Dedication (KO)

  All Messages (2017-09-03)

TCOTN Building Dedication (EN)

  All Messages (2017-09-03)

TCOTN Building Dedication (EN)

  Chaplain James Duncan - (2017-09-03)

TCOTN Building Dedication (EN)

  Pastor Mark Goodman - (2017-09-03)

See, I am doing a New Thing!

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-09-18)

God's Reason

  Pastor Jonathan Kim - (2016-09-11)

  Columbia Presbyterian Mission Church, Columbia SC


  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-09-04)

Do you know your spiritual condition?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-08-28)

How do we experience the presence of God?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-08-21)


  Paul Kwon - (2016-08-14)

  Gideon Mission Church, Seattle WA

Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks

  Do not be anxious

  Pastor Daniel Choi - (2016-08-07)

  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church, Atlanta GA

Disciplinary and Recovery

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-07-31)

God Is Love

  Pastor Chung, SaeHan Presbyterian Church, Atlanta GA - (2016-07-24)

Beatitudes 8: Blessed are the Persecuted

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-07-17)

Beatitudes 7: Blessed are the Peacemakers

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-07-10)

Independence, but Dependence on God

  Pastor Bill Stone - (2016-07-03)

People of Prayer

  Pastor Mark Goodman - (2016-06-26)

Singing in time of crisis

  Pastor Henry - (2016-06-19)

Beatitudes 6: Blessed are the Pure in Heart

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-06-12)

The Designer

  Pastor Chung, Korean Sarang Church Knoxville - (2016-06-05)

Beatitudes 5: Blessed are the Merciful

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-05-29)

Beatitudes 4: Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-05-22)

Beatitudes 3: Blessed are the meek

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-05-15)

Beatitudes 2: Blessed are they who mourn

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-05-08)

The Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-05-01)

Jesus turned and looked at Peter

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-04-24)

God's Progress: From Groaning to Glory

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-04-17)

The Precious Blood of Christ

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-04-10)

At Bean's Cafe

  Pastor John Kwon - (2016-04-03)

The Proof of Resurrection

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-03-27)

Palm Sunday

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-03-20)

The Three Crosses at Calvary

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2016-03-13)

Possessions vs Life

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-03-06)

Why did God allow the Israelites to cross the Red Sea?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-02-28)

The Silence of Jesus

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-02-21)

Do You follow Jesus?

  "With Sincerity"

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-02-14)

Bartimaeus, the man who met Jesus

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2016-02-07)

Why is The Sign of Jonah so important to us?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-01-31)

How much faith does God want us to have?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-01-24)

How do we receive the fullness from the Spirit of God?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-01-17)

Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2016-01-10)

12 Visions for the Church of the Nations

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-01-03)

Warriors? Arise and Shine

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2016-01-03)

Our Compassionate God

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-12-27)

Why did God use the Shepherds in such a wonderful way?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-12-20)

Emmanuel, God with us

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-12-13)

Jesus who came to the world

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-12-06)

Despite Abraham's mistakes, why does the Bible say that he is the Father of the Faith?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-11-29)

Do you know the Mystery of Christ?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-11-15)

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-11-08)

Jesus is the Bread of Life

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-11-01)

Faith comes with Action

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-10-25)

Who are today's Pharisees?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-10-18)

What is your Birthright?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-10-11)

The Victory is Ours, but the Battle belongs to the Lord

  Pastor Bill Stone - (2015-10-04)

What are your spiritual blind spots?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-09-27)

God Has Searched Me

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-09-20)

The Heavens were Opened

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-09-13)

Lazarus, Come Out!

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-09-06)

The Next Generation

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-08-30)

If We Confess Our Sins

  Pastor John Kwon - (2015-08-23)

The Shekinah - God's Visible Presence

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-08-16)

Enter through the Narrow Gate

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-08-09)

Who is Coram Deo?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-08-02)

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-07-19)

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-07-12)

Jesus, Bread of Life

  Pastor Yongbom Lee - (2015-07-05)

Do Not Love the World

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-06-28)

The Parable of the Talents

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-06-21)

Who Is My Neighbor?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-06-14)

What will people be doing in the last days?

  Pastor John Kwon - (2015-05-31)

The Greatest Name

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-05-24)

Much Fruit

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-05-17)

The Power of a Praying Woman

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-05-10)

The Life of Christians

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-04-26)

The Year of His Favor

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-04-19)

The Word of God

  Pastor John Kwon - (2015-04-12)

The Resurrection: Power for Living

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-04-05)

Back to Your Father

  Pastor Park (Onnuri Church) - (2015-03-29)

Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-03-22)

The Faith of Abraham (II)

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-03-15)

From Grace to Destiny

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-03-08)

Do You Really Love Jesus?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-03-01)

The Best Friend Ever

  Pastor Bill Stone - (2015-02-15)

The Faith of Abraham

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2015-02-08)

The Centurion's Faith

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-02-01)

Building A House

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-01-25)

The Desire of Restoration and Glory

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-01-11)

TCOTN in 2015

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2015-01-04)

The Last Day of our Lives

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-12-28)

Why Christmas?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-21)

A True Worshipper

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-14)

Colossians 2:1-5

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-12-07)

Give Back To God

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-11-30)

Have Faith in God

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-11-16)

Seven Wrong Spirits in Our Life

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-11-09)

We Need to Walk with Him

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-11-02)

The Value of Hope

  Dr. Mark Goodman - (2014-10-26)

  Rabbit Creek Community Church

The Former and the Latter Rain

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-19)

Zechariah 4:1-10

The Gold Lampstand and Two Olive Trees

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-12)

The Name of Jesus

The Purpose, Perspective, and Power

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-10-05)

Prayer With Faith

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-09-28)

Enter the Narrow Way

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-09-21)

Jesus Controls All the Kingdoms

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-09-14)

The True Spiritual Watchman Of Mission

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-09-07)

Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-08-31)

Life through the Holy Spirit

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-08-17)

Bethel Church, Baltimore

  Pastor Moses Lee - (2014-08-10)

Path To Spiritual Insights

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-08-03)

Follow Me

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-07-27)

Let My People Go

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-07-20)

Don't Be Afraid

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-07-06)

Understand Resurrection Power

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-29)

Seven Keys to Breakthrough

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-22)

The Good Shepherd

  Pastor Paul Kwon - (2014-06-08)

Are you Ready For This?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-06-01)

Knoxville Loving Church

  Pastor Chung - (2014-05-25)

True Fasting

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-18)

A Certain Woman

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-11)

The Narrow Door

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-05-04)

Rabbit Creek Community Church

  Pastor Dr. Mark Goodman - (2014-04-27)

Anchorage Free Methodist Church

  Pastors Bill and Stacy Stone -(2014-04-20)

Occupy till I come back

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-04-13)

The Rock was Christ

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-04-06)

Your Will be done!

  Pastor John Kwon - (2014-03-30)

Who is the Greatest?

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-23)

A Broken Spirit

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-16)

Send Forth Your Word

  Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-09)

Strong Spiritual Warrior

 Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-03-02)

Gentleness, Self-Control

 Pastor Daniel Song - (2014-02-23)

2014-02-09 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-26 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-19 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-12 Pastor Daniel Song

2014-01-05 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-12-29 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-12-22 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-08-18 Pastor Joon Lee

2013-08-04 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-28 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-21 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-07-14 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-06-30 Pastor John Kwon

2013-06-16 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-06-09 Pastor Daniel Song

Koyuk Missions 2013

2013-06-02 Pastor Bob Curtis

2013-05-26 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-05-19 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-05-12 ChaplinWilliams

2013-05-05 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-04-28 Pastor Mark

2013-04-14 Pastor Daniel Song

2013-04-07 Pastor Paul Kwon

2013-03-31 Pastor John Kwon

2013-03-31 Easter Sunday

2013-03-24 Abraham George

Special Music/Ministry:

Scripture Reading  Salvation Army Youth Corps

O Come All Ye Faithful  Salvation Army Youth Corps

Hark the Herald, Gloria  Salvation Army Youth Corps

O Holy Night  Salvation Army Korean Corps

O Holy Night  Irae Jung & Caleb Song

The Fear of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Sending Prayer  Soloman Kim

I Am who they say I am  Terrel Lynch

Testimony  Salvation Army Cadet Lucy Vargas

There is Power in the Blood  Salvation Army Korean Corps

Have Mercy  Terrel Lynch

Testimony  Kelsey

Break this chain  Terrel Lynch

I won't let go till you bless me  Terrel Lynch

It is well  Esther Pak

God is Good to me  Terrel Lynch

Jesus Loves Me  Salvation Army Korean Youth Corps

Precious Name, O How Sweet  Salvation Army Korean Corps

He will set you on high  Terrel Lynch

Holy Ghost Power to Witness  Terrel Lynch

Not Empty Handed  Terrel Lynch

Gospel skit  Cerritos Mission Team

Rescue Me  Cerritos Mission Team

In the eye of a storm  Cerritos Mission Team

Gospel Dance  Bang Ju Mission Team

Gospel Skit  Bang Ju Mission Team

We Overcome by the Blood  Terrel Lynch

Jesus, Lamb of God  Elder Ahn Family

The Lord's Prayer in the morning  Terrel Lynch

Taekwondo  Bethel Presbyterian Baltimore

Gospel skit  Bethel Presbyterian Baltimore

I have found a friend in Jesus  Bethel Presbyterian Baltimore

How Great Thou Art  Bethel Presbyterian Baltimore

I'm so Grateful to be in the house of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Special Music  Onnuri Church Irvine, CA

Special Ministry  Korean Sarang Church Knoxville, TN

Favor of the Lord God  Terrel Lynch

Seeking Blessing in the House of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Look to the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Testimony  Elder Yungbok Ku

Exhortation  Peggy Lee

This is my Story  Salvation Army KO Youth

Scripture Mission  Toni

Scripture Mission  Peggy Lee

I'll fly away  Stephen and Marie

Power of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Scripture Mission  Christy Jackson

Goodbye  Pastor Paul Kwon

Never Empty Handed  Terrel Lynch

Scripture Mission  Jarrod

Break the Generational Curse  Terrel Lynch

Special Music  Salvation Army (KO)

I Cast All My Care on You Lord  Terrel Lynch

Open Windows  Terrel Lynch

Scripture Mission  Caleb Song

Amazing Grace, I'll fly away  Chaplain Charlie Lee

Testimony  Peggy Lee

Pour Your Blessings down Lord  Terrel Lynch

Testimony  Freeman Roberts

Gangsters of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

II Timothy 3:16  Weekly Mission

Scripture reference  Edwin Washington

Jesus is my Boo  Terrel Lynch

Bless The Lord  Terrel Lynch

Jingle Bells Rock  Onnuri

O Come All Ye Faithful  Onnuri

Merry Christmas  Crossroads

Silent Night  Caleb

O Holy Night  Mimi

The Sinner's Wealth  Terrel Lynch

HipHop Rap 

It's time to Come to the Altar  Terrel Lynch

Gospel Funk  Terrel Lynch

Special Music  Salvation Army (KO)

Worship  TCOTN SA Worship

In My House of Prayer  Terrel Lynch

God has Plans for You  Terrel Lynch

Worship clip  TCOTN Worship

God Is Good! Change My Heart Lord  Terrel Lynch

Drunk in the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Farewell  Pastor Paul Kwon (2017-10-08)

O Come to the Altar  Alpha Hawk

Special Music (KO)  Bangju Presbyterian Church, Korea

Special Music (EN)  Bangju Presbyterian Church, Korea

Korean Traditional Drum   Bangju Presbyterian Church

I Love You My God  Columbia Presbyterian Mission Church, South Carolina

Lord I lift Your Name on High  TCOTN Choir

To be pleasing You  Joshua Song

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty  TCOTN Choir

Perfect You are my God  Joshua Song

God is so Good, Jesus loves me  Richmond Korean Presbyterian Church, Richmond VA

My life is in You Lord  TCOTN Choir

Amazing Grace  Gideon Mission Church, Seattle WA

Testimonies  Gideon Mission Church, Seattle WA

Blessed Assurance  TCOTN Choir

Amazing Grace  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church, Atlanta

Gospel Story  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church, Atlanta

Shout to the Lord - Faithful  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church, Atlanta

I'm so glad, Jesus lifted me  TCOTN Choir

How Great Thou Art - God's Grace  Jin, So Young

Fill my cup Lord  TCOTN Choir

worship  SaeHan Mission Team, Atlanta GA

gospel skit  SaeHan Mission Team, Atlanta GA

Lord I lift Your Name on high  TCOTN Choir

Amazing Grace  Mr. Chun, AKMC

How Great is Our God  TCOTN Choir

Oh how I love Jesus  TCOTN Choir

I'll fly away (July 3)  TCOTN Choir

I'll fly away  TCOTN Choir

Our God Reigns  TCOTN Choir

My help comes from the Lord  Joshua Song

Work Eat Sleep (mime)  Korean Sarang Church Knoxville

Life only in Jesus (mime)  Korean Sarang Church Knoxville

Better is one day  Korean Sarang Church Knoxville

Nothing but the Blood  TCOTN Choir

I could sing of your love forever  Joshua Song

Worship  KCPC Washington DC

God will make a way  KCPC Washington DC

Gospel story  KCPC Washington DC

Soon and Very Soon  TCOTN Choir

I love Hin too much  Peter Makar

When we all get to Heaven  TCOTN Choir

Lord I lift Your Name on High  Jessica (Jesus Light Church)

Phillipines Mission  Missionary MyungJa Joo

Fill my cup Lord  TCOTN Choir

I receive power  Terrel Lynch

Year of Jubilee  TCOTN Choir

Bless thou the Lord  Joshua Song

Because He lives  TCOTN Choir

His Kingdom will never fail  Joshua Song

Water Baptism  Agnes Buster and Edward Jones

O Lamb of God  TCOTN Choir

I have been crucified with Christ  Joshua and Caleb Song

It is well  Yulie Kwon at Bean's Cafe

I'll Fly Away  TCOTN Choir

Poem  Marlene Dean

Christ the Lord is Risen Today!  Joshua Song

There is Power in the Blood  TCOTN Choir

The Love of God  Joshua Song

Jesus Lamb of God, Worthy is Your Name  TCOTN Choir

The Old Rugged Cross  Joshua Song

Lord I lift Your Name on high  TCOTN Choir

Do you belong to the Lord?  Terrel Lynch

Peggy's Testimony

Trust and Obey  Joshua Song

I've got peace like a river  TCOTN Choir

Can you hear the Blessed Savior calling you?  Peter Makar

Someone is praying for you  Joshua Song

Jesus loves me  TCOTN Choir

The Savior is waiting  Joshua Song

I love Him too much  Peter Makar

What a Friend we have in Jesus  TCOTN Choir

The Comforter Abides with me  Joshua Song

Bless The Lord  Terrel Lynch

Peace, Peace  Joshua Song

I thank You Lord  Onnuri Choir

Testimony  Elsie Echuck

I have a Maker  Yumin Choi

This is the Day  TCOTN Choir

Lord I offer my life to You  Joshua Song

God is so good  TCOTN Choir

This is my story  TCOTN Choir

Go tell it on the mountain  TCOTN Choir

Silent Night  Anchorage Free Methodist Church

Silent Night  Joshua and Zion

Angels we have heard on high  TCOTN Women's Choir

I'd rather have Jesus  Joshua Song

Father, You are my portion  Joshua Song

Burdens are lifted at Calvary  Joshua Song

Kamsa  Korean Salvation Army Youth

I'm a Soldier  Korean Salvation Army Youth

Jesus Lamb of God  Korean Salvation Army Youth

Don't come to the House of the Lord empty handed  Terrel Lynch

Our God Reigns  Joshua Song

You Raise Me Up  Pastor Chung

Sweet Hour of Prayer  Joshua Song

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God  Joshua and Caleb Song

Teach me how to worship you Lord  Terrel Lynch

More Love to thee, O Christ  Joshua Song

I have decided to follow Jesus  Joshua Song

Change My Heart  Joshua Song

Guitar Solo  Korean United Methodist Church

It's time to get Saved!  Terrel Lynch

Peace, Peace  Joshua Song

Receive Power  Terrel Lynch

In His Time  Joshua Song

Pay Your Tithes!  Terrel Lynch

I will Stand  Joshua Song

A Second Touch from the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Great is Thy Faithfulness  Elder Lee

Onnuri Youth  Onnuri Youth Ministry

Seek the Lord  Terrel Lynch

It is well (medley)  Yulie Kwon

Dear Jesus  Terrel Lynch

Unto Your Name  Yulie Kwon

Psalms 27:7-10  Joshua & Caleb Song

Just Wait On the Lord  Terrel Lynch

How Great Is Our God  Jesus Light Church

Are Ye Able?  Joshua Song

Nearer My God to Thee  Yulie Kwon

You Raise Me Up  David Kim

Delight yourself in the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Guide Me Lord  Terrel Lynch

See Only the Lord  Yulie Kwon

A mime  Antioch Presbyterian Church (LA)

I'm So Thankful to be in the House of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

This is My Father's World (medley)  Yulie Kwon

I Long to be a Friend of God  Yulie Kwon

Give Your Best to the Master  Yulie Kwon

I Put My Trust in You  Terrel Lynch

Pass It On  Yulie Kwon

Jesus is Holy  Terrel Lynch

How Great Is Our God  Lindsey Song

It's Time to go Boldly  Terrel Lynch

My Jesus I Love Thee  Yulie Kwon

The Name  Yulie Kwon

God Bless You  Jesus Light Methodist Church

I want to Love You Lord  Yulie Kwon

Dance Medley  Washington DC DTS

Lord I Offer My Life to You  Yulie Kwon

Power of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

I Cast All My Cares on You Lord  Terrel Lynch

Build Your Church  Yulie Kwon

Water Baptism  Rogers, Hensley

I have been Crucified with Christ  Yulie Kwon

I Desire Your Grace Lord  Terrel Lynch

I will be Still and Know  Yulie Kwon

Gangsters of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

God Almighty  Yulie Kwon

Guitar solo  Michael

Resurrection Power  Terrel Lynch

Easter Medley  Yulie Kwon

Guitar solo  Michael

I Will Be Still and Know  Lindsey Song

Open Up Your Windows  Terrel Lynch

Above All Powers  Yulie Kwon

God is so good to me  Terrel Lynch

Create in me a clean heart  Yulie Kwon

Songs from Mozambique  Mozambique singers

Trust the Lord  Terrel Lynch

We Will Keep Our Faith Alive  Yulie Kwon

Ain't Nobody Except Jesus  Terrel Lynch

Bless Thou the Lord O My Soul  Yulie Kwon

A Good Name is from the Lord  Terrel Lynch

Feed My Sheep  Yulie Kwon

Get Drunk in the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Love One Another  Yulie Kwon

Change My Heart Lord  Terrel Lynch

This is My Story  Elder Lee

People Need The Lord  Misoon Jackson

No More Double Up  Terrel Lynch

How Majestic is Your Name  Yulie Kwon

Show Your Purpose In Me  Terrel Lynch

O Love of God  Yulie Kwon

I'm Healed by the stripes of Jesus  Terrel Lynch

Lift Up Your Eyes  Yulie Kwon

Favor of the Lord for Gospel  Terrel Lynch

Medley  Elder Lee

I Claim the Blessing of the Lord  Terrel Lynch

The Lord's Prayer  Yulie Kwon

I desire your love Lord  Terrel Lynch

Mary did you know?  Cynthia Washington, Davina Stallworth

Christmas Medley  Yulie Kwon

Aleluia  New Season Dance Team

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  Misoon Jackson

Jesus Reigns over All  Yulie Kwon

His Eyes are on You  Terrel Lynch

Anna Kwon Baptism  Pastor Paul Kwon

There is None Like You  Pastor Jung

When the Role  Yulie Kwon

Amazing Grace  Elder Lee, ODPC

Increase Our Territory  Terrel Lynch

True Love  Yulie Kwon

Sing Alleluia to the Lord  Yulie Kwon

Our Spirits Are Thine  Yulie Kwon

Drunk in the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Special Music (10/26)  Yulie Kwon

Medley (10/19)  Yulie Kwon

Father You are My Portion  Yulie Kwon

His Name Is Wonderful  Yulie Kwon

Put Your Hands Up  Terrel Lynch

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

He Hideth My Soul  Yulie Kwon

Bangju Church, Seoul, Korea (2014-08-31)

1. Worship

  Worship (19:26 minutes)

2. This is My Father's World

  Yulie Kwon (1:55)

3. Brief History and Mission of Bangju Church

  Pastor Daniel Song (6:55)

4. Introduction of Mission Team

  Bangju Church Mission Team (5:08)

5. Korean Pop Worship Dances

  Bangju Church Mission Team (9:04)

6. Traditional Worship with Komungo and Flute

  Bangju Church Mission Team (5:29)

7. Traditional Dance Worship

  Bangju Church Mission Team (8:04)

8. Bangju Church Departing Song

  Bangju Church Mission Team (2:19)

9. Closing and Benediction

  Pastor Daniel Song (2:52)

10. After Service Songs

  Bangju Church Mission Team (22:24)

Special Music  Yulie Kwon

Mission Team  Bethel Church, Baltimore

People Need the Lord  Yulie Kwon

To Be Pleasing You Jesus  Yulie Kwon

Preach The Gospel  Terrel Lynch

I'd Rather have Jesus  Yulie Kwon

I Receive Power  Terrel Lynch

Be Thou My Vision  Yulie Kwon

In His Time  Joshua Song

God is so Good  Joshua Song

This is the Day  Caleb Song

Jesus is the Way  Terrel Lynch

Amazing Grace  John & Yulie Kwon

How Great A Love  Yulie Kwon

Gospel Mime  Knoxville Loving Church

How Great Thou Art  Dr. Shin

Medley 2014-05-25  Yulie Kwon

Time for a Breakthrough  Terrel Lynch

2014-05-18  Yulie Kwon

Gangsters of the Holy Ghost  Terrel Lynch

Washington DC DTS Team

This is My Father's World  Yulie Kwon

For Mother's Day  Terrel Lynch

God Will Take Care of You  Yulie Kwon

Pour Your Love  Terrel Lynch

This Is My Story  Yulie Kwon

Change My Heart  Terrel Lynch

2014-04-06  Yulie Kwon

2014-03-30  Yulie Kwon

This Chain  Terrel Lynch

Grow  Terrel Lynch

Favor  Terrel Lynch

You Raise Me Up  Yulie Kwon


Draw Me Nearer  Yulie Kwon

Thou Art Worthy  Yulie Kwon

2014-02-23 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-16 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-09 Yulie Kwon

2014-02-02 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-26 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-19 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-12 Yulie Kwon

2014-01-12 Davina Stallworth

2014-01-05 Yulie Kwon

2013-12-29 Yulie Kwon

2013-12-29 Terrel Lynch

2013-12-22 Mixed quartet

2013-12-22 Lady Soloist

2013-12-22 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-18 Mission Team

2013-08-18 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-11 Yulie Kwon

2013-08-04 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-28 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-21 Yulie Kwon

2013-07-14 Yulie Kwon

2013-06-30 Song Family

2013-06-23 Caleb Song

2013-06-09 Yulie Kwon

2013-05-26 Yulie Kwon

2013-04-14 MAC5