Pastor Daniel Song, The Church of the Nations
We have been blessed to have some great workers, who love the Lord Jesus, come and join us here at The Church of the Nations.

Their work and labor for Jesus has been a tremendous blessing to us.  They add so much of the Lord's love and grace to the ministry.

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Terrel Lynch
Meet Terrel Lynch
Terrel has given himself to evangelize for the Lord Jesus.
His main desire is to see the Lord glorified and to give all the glory to Jesus.

(click on Terrel's photo to meet him)
Peggy Robinette
Meet Peggy Robinette
Peggy has been a very faithful member and laborer for Jesus.
Her faith and perseverence for Jesus has been inspirational to us all.
Mike Moore
Meet Mike Moore
Mike has been a great blessing to us here.
He is very steadfast and vocal for the Lord, and is one of our best worshipers.
Mike serves and does a great job as our Main Security Guard at The Church of the Nations.